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4 ways to wear white pants perfect for this season


If you ask me what’s one of my favorite items of my wardrobe, I wouldn’t hesitate to say a pair of white pants. A good pair of white pants are a perfect item to achive either a smart modern look or a classy luxe look. There are so many different whites and different cuts and fits of pants. I can’t go through every details for every different styles of white pants in one blog post but here are 4 most easy to follow ideas of how to wear this beautiful item for now.

1. Match with dark colors


Black or navy blue like you see the photo above, white pants with dark colored top gives you a smart and neat look. Black and white is hard to go wrong. Whether it’s a pure white or an off-white, even a creamy ivory, a black is the best match for all whites. Navy can give you a less formal look than a black with white. Dark brown or deep burgundy will be great alternatives.

photo1 photo2 photo3

2. Match them with patterns


Wear them with various patterned tops, flower pattern as the left one or a stripe pattern as the right one. Either a blouse or a lovely knit top, white pants with patterned tops give you a more polished and tasteful look.

photo4 photo5

3. Match with classic shirts


Well tailored white pants go very well with classic shirt blouse. When you match with a white shirt with a nude color high heels, you can even achieve an elongated slim look as well.

photo6 photo7

4. Roll them up!


If you are afraid of wearing white pants as you think they are too dainty or formal. White pants can be a everyday casual wear. Choose cotton fabric and roll them up for easy casual look. Match with a long cardigan or a simple t shirt, you will look comfortably relaxed but perfectly smart with a good pair of white pants. Pair with slip-ons or flats for casual looks, stiletto heels for cool edge looks.

photo8 photo9

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