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5 ways to wear RED


It’s time to wear RED! At least here in Singapore when we celebrate Chinese New Year. During Chinese New Year holidays, most people, especially women, dress up beautifully in red wishing for a prosperity and good luck in the New Year. I personally love this time of the year as not only for the Chinese New Year celebration, red is my favorite color for many things. For next few weeks, we will have lots of red items at The Style Seoul so I’d like to talk about how to wear this stunning and powerful color.

  1. Wear it with Black


This is the most popular choice to wear red. I love black to match with red as it enhances the power of red and creates absolutely stunning looks without fail.

2. Wear with White


It’s a little bit trickier than black. As you have to think about tones of red and white. Generally match warm reds (orangey reds) with warm whites, like cream and ivory and cool reds (bluish reds) with cool whites like pure white. If you remember that, you wouldn’t fail. Add some blacks to complete the look as the above pictures.

3. Wear with Neutral


If you want to play it down a bit, wear reds with neutral colors. Beiges and grays are nice. Just remember same principle as white, warm reds with warm neutrals like yellow beige, camel brown (see pic 1 & 2) and cool reds with cool neutrals like gray and cool beige (see pic 3)

4. Wear with stripes


Stripes make the red more modern and fresh. As you can see from above pictures, you can wear red perfect with so many different types of stripes.

5. Wear with various patterns/prints


Prints make the red more glamorous and special. As you can see from the above pictures, polka dots and leopard prints are gorgeous with red. Geometric patterns and paisley pattern create stunning looks with red as well.

These 5 ways are most common ways to wear red safe. But remember there’s no rules in fashion and you can be as creative as you like. What it matters is not which color you match with, it’s how you wear it. Wear it with confidence. That’s all you need.

Let’s enjoy this amazing color for this holiday season!

Christine xoxo

“When in doubt, wear red.”- Bill Blass

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