The Style Seoul has been dressing up fashion savvy ladies in Singapore for the last 12 years. Since its first store opened in 2004 in Raffles Place, the heart of Singapore’s financial district, The  Style Seoul has been the destination store for classy Korean fashion. Designed and manufactured by specially selected teams in Korea, it provides the most up-to-date Korean quality fashion from Seoul to Singapore directly.


The Style Seoul ladies are doers not followers. They lead their own lives exactly the way they want so do their fashion. No compromise, full of personality. Confidence, Classy, Quality and Respect are some of the key words that perhaps better describe the spirit of The Style Seoul’s success.


Now, The Style Seoul starts a new venture, a fabulous total platform of every girls love, fashion, style, beauty, lifestyle and food. You can have them all in its new website, the ultimate destination where you can find great ideas, tips and secrets of a fabulous style as well as an exciting on-line shop.




Owner and Creative Director

Christine is a Korean living in Singapore since 2002. She first came to Singapore as an expat working for a multi-national trading company. Her savvy dressing sense impressed lots of Singaporean friends and colleagues. When they found out all Christine’s clothes were from Korea, they were all nicely surprised as high quality Korean fashion was not available those days in Singapore. So Christine decided to do it herself and opened a store at Raffles Place in 2004. With help of her friend who was a fashion designer of a leading Korean brand and her aunt who owned a factory manufacturing apparels, she sourced quality suppliers who are still supplying products to The Style Seoul today. It was a great success from the first day her store opened and her biggest pride is that she still has many of the same customers from the first opening.

One principle Christine always has is that she won’t sell any products if she, herself, is not proud to wear them. However providing good products is not the only factor that led to The Style Seoul’s success. Christine has worked for several multi-national corporates in Korea, Australia and Singapore for 10 years since she graduated from a university in Korea in 1994. Those experiences enabled her to understand her customers in Raffles Place (aka Wall Street of Singapore) and made her aware of exactly what these ladies want in their every day fashion. Now, she’s willing to share not only her fashion sense but also her beauty, health and total life style in

On-line Curator and Seoul Correspondent

Welcome on board, Kayla!
Kayla is Christine’s best friend and delighted to join this exciting project. She is a Korean, born and raised in Seoul but spent about 7 years in USA during her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Pennsylvania.

Having a passionate interest in Korean beauty, food, trendy restaurants and quality lifestyle, her bottomless resources of anything trendy in Korea makes her the perfect correspondent for Ask her anything from Korean beauty to trendy cafes & restaurants in Chungdam-dong and Garosugil where all trendy Koreans hang out. She’s a true Gangnam girl and you can get real local knowledge from the heart of Korean trends!

Find out what stylish Seoulites love and do on Kayla’s blog!

Inspirational Soulmate

Birdie is an adorable 12-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who is a significant family member in House of Jones.

He’s a lovely inspiration of  both Christine’s life and business and gives her tremendous support no matter what. He will make some special appearances in our on-line shop and blogs when he’s in a good mood.