Seoulite Kayla’s October Empties


Seoulite Kayla’s October Empties Hello, everyone! This is Seoulite Kayla and I’m back with beauty post this time. It’s autumn in Seoul and it’s getting drier every day here. Perfect time to switch some of my main skincare products to richer products after I finish the following products. innisfree Jeju volcanic mousse cleanser Personally, I like mousse or bubble […]

Elegant Seoul Restaurant: Artichoke 0125


Elegant Seoul Restaurant: Artichoke 0125 Hello! Everyone~! This is Seoulite Kayla. I’m back with the inside scoop on my hometown, Seoul. This time I dined at an Italian fusion place where it had elegant interior décor and pleasing fragrance; Artichoke 0125. Yes! Artichoke 0125 is literally fragrant, as the place is filled with beautiful flowers. Owned and run by […]

Do Soo Hyang: Stylish Seoul Restaurant


Hello, everyone! This is Seoulite Kayla. I’m back to give you guys the insider’s scoop on my hometown, Seoul. For this post, I would like to share my recent pleasant dining experience in Atelier Do Soo Hyang. Located in Chungdam-dong, white birch trees greet you by the entrance of the restaurant. This place offers Korean fusion menu served in bento, […]

4 ways to wear white pants perfect for this season


If you ask me what’s one of my favorite items of my wardrobe, I wouldn’t hesitate to say a pair of white pants. A good pair of white pants are a perfect item to achive either a smart modern look or a classy luxe look. There are so many different whites and different cuts and fits of pants. I can’t […]

Seoul Amusement Park Themed Cafe: C27


Hello~ everyone!! This is Seoulite Kayla. I’m back with insider’s scoop on my hometown, Seoul. For this post, I’m going to introduce a fun and stylish cafe that I fell in love with; C27.  I’m sure you’ll love this place, too!! Located in Garosu-gil, this popular café is well-liked by many cheesecake lovers since it opened last fall. Actually the […]

Introducing 3 Hottest Restaurants in Seoul, Right Now!


Introducing 3 Hottest Restaurants in Seoul Right Now!! Hello, everyone! This is Kayla. I’m back with information on hot and hip restaurants for this post. I’m going to introduce 3 hottest restaurants that I’ve been to recently. The dining experiences were truly pleasant. So if you ever come to visit Korea soon, hope this post helps you enjoy Seoul! […]

One facial mask per day, a hot Korean beauty regime. Seriously? Well…


It’s been a huge trend in a Korean beauty regime that they do a facial mask everyday. Every beauty section in Korean magazines, beauty blogs and social media rave about this regime and they say it’s the secret behind of all the beautiful Korean actresses’ amazingly great skin. Is that right? No harm to try, I thought. So I went […]

[Editor’s Pick] Primera Facial Mild Peeling


Hello, everyone!! This is Kayla. For my third post, I’m back with one of my holy grail skincare products, Primera Facial Mild Peeling. Summer in Korea this year was scorching. However, it’s getting cooler and cooler by day and we have gone from singlet weather to a hoodie weather. During seasonal changes, I feel my skin also goes through transitional […]

Short getaway in Songdo, Incheon


During my trip to Korea last week, I had a wonderful 2 days break with Kayla in Songdo, Incheon. We’ve been longing for visiting Songdo, a cool emerging city in Korea about an hour drive away from Seoul. We always hang out in Gangnam whenever I go to Korea and we’ve been talking about venturing out somewhere new but we’ve […]

Summer Skincare Routine


Hello everyone!!! I’m back with my second blog post. For my second post, I’m going to introduce to you guys my summer month skincare routine. My morning skincare routine is quite simple compared to the famous Korean eight or nine-step skincare regimens that you may already be aware of. Well, you would be surprised to know that not all Koreans […]

My 5 favorite Nars Red lip pencils and a lip liner.


When I got dressed for my dinner last week, I just realized how many red lipsticks I have. My dress was a pure white spangled cheong sam and wanted to wear my all time favorite lip color, red. Somehow non of my trusty reds such as Mac Russian Red, Ruby Woo, Burberry Military Red worked. After few more frustrating trials with […]