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Do Soo Hyang: Stylish Seoul Restaurant


Hello, everyone!

This is Seoulite Kayla. I’m back to give you guys the insider’s scoop on my hometown, Seoul. For this post, I would like to share my recent pleasant dining experience in Atelier Do Soo Hyang.


Located in Chungdam-dong, white birch trees greet you by the entrance of the restaurant. This place offers Korean fusion menu served in bento, a single-packed takeout or home-packed meal, emphasizing healthy recipes and fresh ingredients. Accordingly, you must make a reservation at least a day in advance as they prepare only for the reserved tables. Also, they do not open for dinner, as they use that time to obtain fresh ingredients and prepare for lunch reservations for the next day.


The atmosphere is modern with simple and elegant decorations.


Check out these beautifully wrapped bentos.




What an elaborately prepared and beautifully served meal!!

+82-2-541-3332 / Chungdam-dong 62-33, Seoul, Korea


What to Wear

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