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[Editor’s Pick] Primera Facial Mild Peeling


Hello, everyone!!

This is Kayla. For my third post, I’m back with one of my holy grail skincare products, Primera Facial Mild Peeling.

Summer in Korea this year was scorching. However, it’s getting cooler and cooler by day and we have gone from singlet weather to a hoodie weather. During seasonal changes, I feel my skin also goes through transitional periods to adjust to the change. Hence, my skin is getting dry and flaky especially around my mouth and chin, making it difficult to apply makeup. I guess it means it’s time to clear the layers of dead skin cells. If we don’t remove dead skin cells properly, the buildup makes your skin appear uneven, dull and eventually leads to breakouts or fine wrinkles. As I have oily and acne-prone skin, I consider the removal of dead skin cells as a very important cleansing step.

After many trials and errors, I found my Holy Grail dead skin cell remover. My favorite product is Primera Facial Mild Peeling.


(taken from us.memebox.com) Free your skin from any impurities with this mild peeling gel from Primera! This is specially formulated to get rid of dead skin cells while also improving your skin’s overall condition. It enhances skin texture by developing a much smoother and flawless surface without skin flaking. With its rich blend of premium herbal extracts, broccoli sprout and bead tree, this peeling gel is highly nourishing as it contains large amount of vitamins and minerals beneficial to the skin. This suits all skin types and is guaranteed mild for hyper-sensitive skin.

Primera is one of many Amore Pacific brands. Amore Pacific is the biggest Korean cosmetics company which owns Laneige, Innisfree, Etude House, IOPE, Hera, etc. The theme of this brand is nature-oriented. They focus on using natural ingredients gained from eco-friendly research. It received the Get It Beauty Award, a celebrated TV beauty show, leading Korean beauty trends. The point that grabbed my attention is that after the removal of dead skin cells, this product produces biopolymer film which forms a supple barrier to protect the skin. So after reading so many positive reviews, I tried it myself, and was delighted that my search for a peeling gel was over.

primera 2

Apply on your dry skin~

primera 1

Then rub it gently!

Unlike other scrubbing products I have tried which caused irritation, redness or left a dry feeling, this product is literally mild. With a pleasant fresh fruity, lemony scent, not only does it remove dead skin cells effectively, but it leaves my skin smooth and moist, so I can really feel that it protects my skin. These days, I prefer this type of dual functional products as i can rely on their multiple function and at the same time, save me time. In my earlier post, I mentioned Dr. Jin peeling toner which is also dual-functioning.


I’ve tried many types of different dead skin cell removers. Let me share other types of products that I’ve tried.

scrub peeling 3

From left, Nature Republic Super AQUA Max Soft Peeling Gel, Neutrogena naturals purifying pore scrub, and The Face Shop Honey Black Sugar Scrub.

nature republic 1

nature republic 2

I think Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Soft Peeling Gel is a safe purchase. It gets job done, has fresh scents. I have no major complaints, and am not really impressed.


neutrogena 1

neutrogena 2

Of the three, my favorite was Neutrogena. This product is a scrub type. It is mild with tiny grains with fresh scent. Overall satisfactory.

black sugar scrub

My least favorite was The Face Shop Honey Black Sugar Scrub. It was way too sticky with big grains. When applied, somehow I felt warm, in a not so pleasant way. It was quite strange and hard to describe the feeling. Also, since it was too sticky, it was not so easy to remove from my face.

peel so good_CNP peeling mask

There are sheet masks specifically designed for peeling. Left, Faith in Face AHA! Peel so Good, and CNP Peeling Mask on the right.

faith in face mask sheet front

faith in face mask sheet

Faith in Face mask is one of my favorite products. It is a hydro gel type so it sticks to your face very well compared to cotton sheets. Faith in Face AHA! Peel So Good mask overall is very satisfactory.

cnp mask

cnp mask 2

CNP Peeling Mask is a 2 step mask, first you apply peeling boost and then apply the mask. Again an overall satisfactory product.

These two peeling mask sheets left my skin feeling so soft and bright. I like these types of mask sheets and try to use it as often as I can, but applying mask sheets is more time-consuming than peeling with gel or scrub type. Personally, I think using gel type is simpler and convenient.

So I picked Primera Facial Mild Peeling gel as my favorite product. It is simple, convenient, effective, and fresh-scented. What is your favorite one? Feel free to leave any comments or questions about this post!!

See you next time~!






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