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Seoul Amusement Park Themed Cafe: C27


Hello~ everyone!!

This is Seoulite Kayla. I’m back with insider’s scoop on my hometown, Seoul. For this post, I’m going to introduce a fun and stylish cafe that I fell in love with; C27.  I’m sure you’ll love this place, too!!


Located in Garosu-gil, this popular café is well-liked by many cheesecake lovers since it opened last fall. Actually the full name is C27 Cheesecake and Coffee. The name itself tells you a lot about this place. Yep! They have 27 kinds of cheesecakes, of course. And there’s more to their name. Their cheesecakes contain two times more cheese in them than average cheesecakes which is 70% of cheese content compare to average 30-40% cheese content in other cheesecakes.The 70% content of cheese in the cheesecakes is what sets these divine desserts from other cheesecakes.


It’s not easy to make up your mind from 27 choices of cheesecakes, when all of them look so yummy!!!


27 cheesecake menus as of September, 2016

They update and renew their menus every 6 months, so drop by frequently if you are curious to see the new delectable cheesecake they added to their menus. The price is not cheap; 8,800 won a piece, but I guarantee you every won is worth it!


A huge golden fork and a slice of cheesecake; I think this is their signature!


The interior design of this café is also definitely an attention grabber.  The theme of this cafe is ‘Amusement Park for women’. They put everything women like; 27 flavors of yummy cheesecakes (always updating the flavors) and never-boring unique spaces. If you take a look at this 4-story building cafe, you’ll see what they mean. Each floor has so different interior designs, whenever you walk up the stairs, the atmosphere will take you to so many different spaces, for example, amusement park, powder room, the movie room, wedding themed room, and a dream kitchen, etc. I was mesmerized by the various themes of the rooms. The interior design of this 4-story cafe is so different; you might have a hard time choosing where to enjoy your delectable cheesecake.



Golden and bronze colored balloons on the ceiling!!





They have all sorts of sofas, chairs, and even a long table for a party of 8!




See what I mean? I strongly recommend you to explore all four floors. Everywhere you sit, you can take Instagram worthy photos! You’ll definitely find fun and unique decor at every corner!


Crazy Red Velvet cheesecake (So amazingly tasty!!!)


Hershy Chocolate cheesecake

Besides cheesecakes, they have other unique menus like gold powder sprinkled ice cream or cheese latte. For to-go, they have cheesecakes in a jar, too. All you cheesecake lovers out there, if you come to Seoul, this place is definitely worth a trip! I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing sweet experience!


C27 Cheesecake and Coffee

Gangnam-gu Shinsa-dong 545-12 / +82-2-544-9901

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