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Introducing 3 Hottest Restaurants in Seoul, Right Now!


Introducing 3 Hottest Restaurants in Seoul Right Now!!


Hello, everyone! This is Kayla. I’m back with information on hot and hip restaurants for this post. I’m going to introduce 3 hottest restaurants that I’ve been to recently. The dining experiences were truly pleasant. So if you ever come to visit Korea soon, hope this post helps you enjoy Seoul!

S Tavern



Located near Dosan Park, Gangnam, this beautiful front garden of the restaurant makes you feel like you are in the suburbs, an escape from the busy and hectic city life.



S Tavern is the hottest restaurant in Gangnam, Seoul. To visit here, I had to make a reservation 2 weeks in advance. It is so tough to get a reservation because of its popularity and also because it does not open on Sundays.

The chef, Mr. Song Hoon, is a Michelin Star Chef and also well known as a judge in a popular TV program, Master Chef Korea. He was trained at CIA (The Culinary Institute of America) and worked in American and French restaurants in America. He recently opened this casual American dining. These days, Gangnam streets are overflowing with so many Italian restaurants. I was so glad that this place offered something different.


The restaurant is a 2-story building, and I sat on the second floor. There were a lot more tables on the first floor and also there are counter seats around the cooking area where you can watch the chefs cooking up close.




S Tavern French Toast, wedge potato with 3 kinds of cheese (As you can see in the picture, there is a poached egg inside the French toast~~ Yum!!)


Jambalaya (seafood, chicken, bell peppers with southern American style rice)

These are the dishes that I had. They were absolutely tasty!! I also would like to check out their “Grilled Half Chicken with Jambalaya” and “Abalone Black Risotto” next time. There are so many new restaurants popping up in Gangnam so that you always want to explore those new and hot places. It’s rare that you want to come to the same restaurant again. This is definitely the place you want to come again.

Address: Gangnam-gu Shinsa-dong 650-8, Seoul, Korea / TEL: 02-518-5505





Another stylish and hip restaurant in Gangnam right now is SMT Seoul, a multi-complex restaurant in Cheongdam, Gangnam run by SM Entertainment Co. This restaurant is located near JYP Entertainment building, so on the way to the restaurant, you can see a lot of tourists waiting outside the JYP building hoping to get a glimpse of JYP artists coming and going out of the building. This restaurant is a five-story building; each floor of the restaurant is designed with a special concept. The first and the second floors where I’ve been to are ‘Playground’. ‘Playground’ is a Seoul style tapas-based casual dining restaurant and dessert cafe for lunch and it turns into a DJ lounge after 10:00 pm with SM artists’ and stars’ holograms and videos on the ceiling, with top-class audio and media facilities. Are you EXO or Super Junior’s fans? Be sure to check this place out!!



The ‘Penthouse’ on the third and fourth floor is operated on reservations only, offering course menus from many different kinds of menu, ranging from Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Western dishes. The fifth floor is ‘Vertical Garden’, offering customized menu upon reservations.


Bulgogi with soybean paste stew and various side dishes

Egg and sausage (comes with bagel and soup)


I went there for Sunday brunch, so I didn’t have the chance to try their weekday Seoul style tapas-based dining menu. Instead, they have brunch menus set for weekends.


They also have afternoon tea menu for afternoons.

Address: Gangnam-gu Chungdam-dong 125-24, Seoul, Korea / TEL: 02-6240-9300

J Tapas in Space

The last but not least is J Tapas in Space. This restaurant is located near Chang-Duk Palace, near orange subway line, Angook Station. It is a five-story building, offering various options of restaurants. The second floor is a cafe, the third floor is an Italian restaurant, the 4th floor is J Tapas where I went to, which is fusion Japanese tapas style restaurant, and the 5th floor is a French restaurant. All the restaurants overlook the beautiful palace located right next to it.



The restaurant is run by ARARIO Museum and ARARIO Museum gift shop which is full of cute and pretty items is located on the first floor.





The museum kept this pagoda and Korean traditional house and built the restaurant building around them. It is so beautiful that we can appreciate these traditional cultural assets right in the middle of the city while dining.


The four sides of the restaurant are made up of glass that allows you to enjoy the panoramic views of Seoul city and the gorgeous Chang-duk Palace.


Soba with grilled eggplant and yam, Tempura, Temaki Sushi


Tenpura over rice, Sashimi, Miso soup


Dessert sorbet


It is the view from my seat. You can dine with the view of Chang-Duk Palace. How nice!

Address: Jongro-gu Wonseo-dong 229, Seoul, Korea / TEL: 02-747-8104

So, these are Seoul local’s recommendations for the hottest restaurants in Seoul, right now! Hope these were helpful tips about Seoul restaurants. So if you liked them, come visit us!

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