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One facial mask per day, a hot Korean beauty regime. Seriously? Well…


It’s been a huge trend in a Korean beauty regime that they do a facial mask everyday. Every beauty section in Korean magazines, beauty blogs and social media rave about this regime and they say it’s the secret behind of all the beautiful Korean actresses’ amazingly great skin. Is that right? No harm to try, I thought. So I went on a serious facial mask shopping spree on one of my trips to Korea early this year.


My crazy facial masks shopping spree ^^

So I tried this “looks-like-a-must-do-thing” in Korea for a few weeks. Results? Unfortunately my skin broke outduring this trial. I thought it probably was too much for me or it was just one of those hypes that come and go. Until I tried “Dr. Jin 5 days” masks, I never blamed myself for the failure of this ‘Must-have beauty regime of Korea’. It was me. I’ve been doing it all wrong!


This “Dr. Jin 5 days” is a package of 5 different masks for a 5-day-facial regime. It consists of Day1 for Exfoliation, Day2 for Hydration, Day3 for Brightening, Day4 for Resilience and Day5 for total nourishment. What a brilliant idea! No wonder it’s made by dermatologists.


Day 1 : AHA – You start this 5-day-facial-regime by an exfoliation with AHA. As you know a well-exfoliated skin can take your skin through the next steps of skin care step better so this step  prepares your skin perfectly for the next 4 days.

Day 2 : HA – You hydrate your skin with concentrated Hyaluronic acid.

Day 3 : GSH – Glutathione and multi vitamin repairs and brightens your skin.

Day 4 : AMINO – Amino acid promotes your skin’s resilience.

Day 5 : FILL – Cacium PCA and Ceramide are for total nourishment to your skin.

I do this 5-day-facial regime once a month. I still think a facial mask per day is going overboard a bit and is not necessary. And in between of this regime, I do my regular exfoliation and other types of facial masks twice a week. I’ve been doing my own beauty regime like this for the last few months now and I am very happy with my skin at the moment.

Before I learned the perfect steps from this “Dr. Jin 5 days”, I just picked any one of facial mask regardless of their function to my skin ans used it every day. I probably used too many exfoliation masks or brightening masks a few days in a row, too harsh for anyone’s skin. Or I  could have put on lots of nourishment masks without proper exfoliation. All these wrong doings could have confused my skin terribly and made it gave up at the end. So I thought, should I use this clever “Dr. Jin 5 days” all the time? But what about my hundreds of other facial masks I’ve already bought? Then I applied the brilliant ideas learnt from “Dr. Jin 5 days” to my own method!

So I took out all my facial masks and sorted them out by its ingredients and functions they claim.


Group 1 for Exfoliation. It doesn’t matter the type of ingredients, as long as it does exfoliation.


Group 2 for Hydration. Anything its package says “Hydrating”or “Moisturizing”.


Group 3 for Brightening. Anything “Brightening” or “Whitening” will do.


Group 4 for Resilience. If you see any words like “Wrinkle care”, “Elasticity”, “Skin tightening” or “Lifting”… will do.


Group 5 for Nourishment. Anything, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, nourishing.. does this.


One of many possible combinations of my own 5-day-facial mask regime with the original “Dr. Jin 5 days”


Now I can create my own 5-day-facial mask regime! Of course the “Dr. Jin 5 days” is still the best bet as I don’t need to care about the ingredients and their functions, just follow Day 1,2,3,4 and 5. Absolutely dummy proof ^^ But if you live in a country where you can’t get Dr. Jin products easily, you can create your own like I did. I’ll use up all my facial masks first and probably go for Dr. Jin’s 5 days after that. If I don’t find another brilliant and innovative product any time soon. But you never know with the recent beauty technology developing at the speed of light. Can anyone make one magical facial mask which can keep us wrinkle free, pigment free, age free skin for years?

Christine xoxo

*Note : I am not sponsored and do not accept payment to write any of my posts on this blog. I write about things I like or sometimes I don’t like. Please remember this is only my personal opinion.

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  1. jane0509

    This is really informative and well-written!!! I definitely want to try Dr. Jin masks

  2. jane0509

    Do you know where I can get them in Singapore??

    1. Christine Jones

      Hi Jane, I bought mine from Korea. I’ve checked its website and it’s not available in Singapore. If you want to buy it, please send me an email to christinejones@thestyleseoul.com and I’ll help you to get it.

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