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Seoulite Kayla’s October Empties


Seoulite Kayla’s October Empties

Hello, everyone! This is Seoulite Kayla and I’m back with beauty post this time. It’s autumn in Seoul and it’s getting drier every day here. Perfect time to switch some of my main skincare products to richer products after I finish the following products.



  1. innisfree Jeju volcanic mousse cleanser


Personally, I like mousse or bubble type cleansers, so I tried the one from Innisfree. I really liked the pleasant fragrance and the rich foam.

Re-purchase? Not for the time being as I already purchased a bubble cleanser from Skinfood. After I use this product, who knows? I may or may not switch back to Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Mousse Cleanser.


  1. Dr. Jin Hydrating Serum


The perfect product to use in summer. It is lightweight and yet provides the right amount of moisture. Having oily and acne-prone skin, I am always concerned about using essence before moisturizing cream, especially during the summer time. However, Dr. Jin Hydrating Serum was not only refreshing, but it kept my skin moist without causing any breakouts or trouble. Whether you have the same skin type as me or not, during the summer it’s best to use lightweight products to avoid congested or clogged pores.

Re-purchase? Definitely! I will re-purchase it next spring so that I can use it throughout summer months.


  1. LA MER the moisturizing soft cream


This is my all-time favorite cream and I especially love the scent. Not only did it keep my skin moisturized and glowing throughout the summer, but it has never caused any breakouts, too.

Re-purchase? No. I’ve used this product for over 5 years now and like I said, it is my favorite, but I found a better product for a fraction of a price; Belif True Cream-Moisturizing Bomb.


  1. Belif The true cream-aqua bomb


This is a must-have product, especially from summer to mid fall. This gel type cream is so lightweight and yet it provides plenty of hydration.

Re-purchase? Definitely! I will use this next summer. From fall to spring, I will use Belif Moisturizing Bomb, a more intense hydrating product, perfect for use during the drier seasons.

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