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Short getaway in Songdo, Incheon


During my trip to Korea last week, I had a wonderful 2 days break with Kayla in Songdo, Incheon. We’ve been longing for visiting Songdo, a cool emerging city in Korea about an hour drive away from Seoul. We always hang out in Gangnam whenever I go to Korea and we’ve been talking about venturing out somewhere new but we’ve never been able to make it happen with my always short and tight schedule in Seoul and Kayla’s work. We did made an effort this time and finally made our long deserved getaway in Songdo. Since Kayla’s not only my friend but also a business partner now, we could justify this as a sort of work ^^


My first impression of Songdo was a very modern and handsome city. Situated in west coast of Korea, it offers beautiful coast line and amazing skyline of ultra chic high rise buildings at the same time. There’s a beautiful park at the heart of Songdo, the Central park. The hotel we stayed, Hotel Gyeong Won Jae Ambassador, is connected to this park, a perfect location to enjoy Songdo.

When we talked about visiting Songdo, we didn’t plan to stay a night there but when we found this amazing hotel we could come up with hundred reasons why we should stay one night in Songdo. Now I’m so glad we were so creative with excuses to stay there. This beautiful hotel is absolutely worth going to Songdo only to stay one night there!


Hotel Entrance

The name, Gyeongwonjae is from the former name of Incheon during the Goryeo Dynasty meaning a village of good luck. It’s beautiful Korean traditional style of architecture made me feel like I had time traveled few hundreds years back.


Traditional archicture of open corridor


Beautiful harmony of traditional and modern bedroom


Cozy writing desk


I love Korean windows, not a glass but paper made of mulberry bark. So natural, so organic.


Madang, Korean style courtyard, reminded me of my youth in my grandparents house.


Korean traditional roof has an elegant beauty of curves.


The bathtub is made of cypress wood. Supposed to be good to your skin.

As soon as we checked in, we decided to walk to NC Cube through the Central Park as it wasn’t that scorching hot. We were lucky with weather as it’s been a hottest summer in record in recent history. It was 37ºC the day I arrived in Seoul. Coming from someone lives in Singapore, Boy! that was hot!! Although the back garden of the hotel is connected to the central park, we decided walk the front way, a longer way, to see more of Songdo.


Stonewall walkway outside of the hotel. Amazing harmony of traditional architecture and ultra modern high rise buildings. Quite spectacular!


Incheon city museum


Tri-Bowl, Multi purpose event hall


Beautiful lake in Central park.


A little puppy we met in Central park. How lovely! I missed my Birdie…


NC Cube is a shopping mall with a beautiful canal running throught the restaurants and cafes and interesting shops.





Melon bingsoo, a perfect sweet quencher of a hot summer’s day.

After a long day of driving, walking, shopping and work (believe me we actually worked too!) we were ready for a big dinner.  We decided to have a dinner at Hanok Maul next to the hotel. It is like a little traditional Korean village with all restaurants and cafes.



Little walkway through the garden


Play garden


When we walked into the village, gorgeous Korean traditional houses and a manicured garden wowed me first. All different restaurants in each houses, you can get spoiled with choices, Korean BBQ, Bulgogi, Seafood, Japanese..we chose Bulgogi!





Bulgogi with lots of side dishes


Pomegranate tea as a desert


It was a beautiful night after dinner. Lovely breeze which tells you the autumn’s nearly here, fresh air and quite street… those things you can never expect in a busy city of Seoul. On the way back to hotel we passed this magnicicient Gyoeng Won Ru. It’s an annex building of the hotel for banquets and conferences. Later I’ve learned it’s architectural style is Jusimpo of the Goryo Dynasty, exudes the beauty and pride of the Korean people.

Next day, after a nice breakfast in hotel, we went back to hanok maul for a desert. We wanted to go to this beautiful cafe last night after dinner but we were absolutely stuffed with Bulgogi and couldn’t possibly have a desert. So we had to go back before head off. Why not!


Strawberry bingsoo with a frozen cheese cake, we were glad we stopped by.

It was a really nice getaway, especially a wonderful experience staying that special hotel Gyeong Won Jae. I’m so glad we made it finally. If you have a plan to go to Korea, keep this in your mind for a spare night in Songdo. Songdo is still a new city, there are few construction sites around and still very quiet but I’m sure it will be a busy bustling city in a few years time. Before it gets too busy, check it out!

*Note : I am not sponsored and do not accept payment to write any of my posts on this blog. I write about things I like or sometimes I don’t like. Please remember this is only my personal opinion.


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