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Seoul Amusement Park Themed Cafe: C27


Hello~ everyone!! This is Seoulite Kayla. I’m back with insider’s scoop on my hometown, Seoul. For this post, I’m going to introduce a fun and stylish cafe that I fell in love with; C27.  I’m sure you’ll love this place, too!! Located in Garosu-gil, this popular café is well-liked by many cheesecake lovers since it opened last fall. Actually the […]

3 Trendy Cafes You Must Visit When You Are In Gangnam, Seoul


Hello! Singapore!!! And hello, everyone~! Wherever you are!!! This is Kayla in Korea. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I have always been passionate about chic and stylish trends in fashion, beauty, and inspirational lifestyle. In this blog,  I will share with you guys my personal favorites, Korean beauty trends and tips, and hip cafes and restaurants info […]